Participants are guests of honor at our annual gala – and raises funds for greatly needed oncology facilities, and for assistance with purchasing medications, as well as several of the organization’s broad spectrum of activities.
A detailed account of Larger than Life (Israel)’s projects and activities can be found on the following pages.

The children, their parents and their doctors all agree that the children’s participation in Larger than Life’s activities gives them a more positive attitude. This not only makes them feel much better in the short term, but also improves their prognosis for recovery in the long run.


Every Year, Larger than Life and Larger than Life – L.A. Family fly a group of sick children on a dream-come-true trip to the West Coast. This trip gives a boost to the children, who are at different stages of fighting the disease, some requiring crutches, wheelchairs, oxygen tanks, etc. The children are accompanied by a medical, nursing and social service staff. They visit Universal Studios, Hollywood, Disneyland and Magic Mountain. They are guests of honor at the annual Gala held by Larger than Life – L.A. Family.

[Cost: about $4,000 per child]

Fully sponsored and organized by Larger than Life – L.A. Family